Monday, October 31, 2011


Your divine purpose reaches across every golden field
and every pebbled road to meet the beginning of you.
For you are the world,
and the world exists in you –
in beauty and in acceptance.

~C. Norcross (From the poem, "Loving Your Skin")

When we open up our hearts to discovering and honoring our divine purpose, light pours forth and guides us in directions we are meant to go. When we are walking on our true path, doors open, we are met with welcome smiles and all is well in our earthly world. When we find ourselves pushing a rock up a hill, no matter how hard we persist, if the direction is not in alignment with our higher purpose, that rock is going to fall ... on our heads!

Have you ever felt as though you were repeating the same mistakes, faced with a series of "no" letters, or as if life was just not moving? This feeling of metaphysical mourning for not yet realized goals, is merely a teaching tool - a stepping stone to something beautiful in your life. Listen to and observe the day, the situation, as if it were a wise teacher. The path exists in you, you just haven't found the entrance yet. Or perhaps, you've lost the light leading you down the right path, and you need to find it again.

Set aside time each day to listen to your inner guide. This knowing, nurturing self is always there for you, waiting for you to start a conversation about the present and the future, if you choose. Listening is a very important tool. It opens us up to the beautiful possibilities in our lives, even when things feel "stuck" or without momentum.

I remember feeling stuck at different times in my life, because I wasn't doing what my soul truly wanted to do. Whether it be a job that doesn't quite fit, a group project that doesn't quite resonate or a relationship that feels out of alignment with the holiness of self, sit with your inner teacher and listen. Answers will be revealed in the most stunning ways. New people may enter your life and provide a creative spark. Doors will open and opportunities will suddenly appear, if you are willing to be open to your best self waiting in the wings.

Promise yourself that you are worth it ~ that you were meant for more than dissatisfaction or "just enough."

This is not you –
this is not the you
that was meant to flourish
and drink up the sun.

You were meant for greater things
than atrophy –
than ennui.
You were meant for life!

~C. Norcross (From the poem, "You Were Meant for More")

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Vision - Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Oconomowoc Arts Center at 7pm

The Pewaukee Area Arts Council proudly sponsors the third year of "One Vision: A Fusion of Art and Poetry in Lake Country," bringing together 8 pairs of artists and poets, as well as the new element of interpretive dance this year, in partnership with To the Pointe Performing Arts (Hartland, WI). Please join us at 7 p.m. Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Oconomowoc Arts Center (641 E Forest Street, Oconomowoc, WI) for a fine art exhibit, poetry reading and dance performance. Our artists, poets and dancers will be unveiling the final results of a summer-long collaboration. A reception with live music and refreshments will also be part of the evening's event. Our special musical guest this year will be local musician and composer Chip Cruz ( This performance is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for a preview and meeting with the artists, poets and dancers.

Artists participating in this year's project are: Anne Raskopf, Albin Erhart, Melissa Schoechert, Judith Reidy, Dara Chappie, Dint Sweitzer, Heidi Hallett and Susan Foley. Poets participating are: Mary Jo Balistreri, Khristian Kay, Cristina Norcross, Anjie Kokan, Fred Kreutz, Liz Rhodebeck, Janet Leahy, Paula Schulz and Judy Wucherer. Co-editors Liz Rhodebeck and Cristina Norcross are coordinating the project with the assistance of Art Advisor Dint Sweitzer and Dance Choreographer Nina Gaydos-Fedak.

This year's project funded in part by the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin through a grant from the Arts Waukesha Fund.
For more information, visit

To watch a preview of the One Vision show, please visit the You Tube link HERE and enjoy a slide show of artwork and poetry.

The One Vision exhibit is FREE to the public and will be on display through November 20, 2011 at the Oconomowoc Arts Center.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Holding the Rope" (This is NOT a Cancer Poem)

Holding the Rope

Blue gowns sitting in lounge chair rows –
one woman taps her foot furiously –
a nervous rhythm,
while she waits for her name to be called.
I wish she would tap somewhere else.
Out-of-date magazines
collect on side tables,
while three wide screen TV’s
drone on with home improvement shows.
Hardwood floors and bathroom tile choices
seem even more trivial today.

The machine presses and folds.
It pushes on the skin like a hard kiss –
taking a picture at five different angles.
I hold my breath and pray.

The woman next to me taps her foot again.
I sip apple juice,
wondering why none of us speak.
Then my name is called
for the next room –
the next test.
I drift off to a semi-dream state.
Allowed to lie down,
I stop guessing –
stop craning my neck to see the screen.

The last table is the coldest –
so is the needle,
until it burns.
Then there is a tidal wave of tugging
and pulling.
My eyes wide to the ceiling –
I try to see how many tiny holes I can count
in the white squares above me.

Kind nurses bandage the skin.
They cover me with warm blankets.
Ice – rest – ice – repeat.
You’ve been to the wars,
said my friend Ali in England,
after my first surgery 15 years ago.
I hope this is the last body battle.
I’m done now.

The car keeps moving forward.
I see cornfields and gold turned trees
on the way home.
Behind the clouds
shines the faintest autumn light.
I follow that ray
and try to hold the rope.

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Copyright 2011
(This is NOT a cancer poem, because I received the good news today, that my biopsy came back negative. Feeling thankful. God is good. 10/19/11)