Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy National Poetry Month!

I will be joining a plentiful array of poets this month, in our quest to write a poem every day for April.  I will be fine tuning these poems to get them ready to submit, so I won't be sharing them on this blog (as I did last year), but my gift to readers this month is my new poetry/photography postcard, NEW CURRENTS.  Below is my latest design, which I created in honor of National Poetry Month 2015.  In total, I mailed off 80 copies of this card as gifts to friends, family, and fellow writers.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

New Currents

The air is charged –
a current surge of running horses
where sky connects to earth.
Flames reach for purpose.
A shedding of winter hibernation
reveals green leaf
and gold resolve.
We are electric.

Cristina M. R. Norcross
poem/photo Copyright 2015
(Photo taken at sunrise of Oconomowoc Lake, WI)

Happy writing to everyone who is taking the challenge to write a poem every day.  May there be many gems in your journals!