Thursday, July 14, 2005

Publishing News!

YAWP Magazine (Ottawa, Canada) will be publishing my poem "Alone" in their Summer 2005 issue.

Web address for the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun for images of all of Ted De Grazia's paintings.


    (Inspired by a painting by Ted DeGrazia)

    Two horses walk
    into the milky white expanse of the desert.
    One rider guides the path
    that casting shadows lead.

    A weathered red blanket rests
    on his shoulders like a torchlight.
    The sky is a pale turquoise
    that has been white washed by the sun.

    Alone – the rider bends forward
    as if the very thought of his journey
    weighs heavily on him,
    curving his weary spine.

    “I have been here before,” he thinks.
    “My people have always walked this land,
    and I shall be here again.”

    This thought echoes
    beneath the horses’ hooves.
    A vibration moves the earth just slightly
    until the ground hums a familiar refrain.
    The rider is no longer alone.

    History rises like steam
    and he sees not an endless journey,
    but a road filled with Light.

    Pausing to gently lower himself off his horse,
    the rider allows his dry, cracked feet
    to be bathed by the golden earth.
    It is shimmering with glinting flecks of agate and granite.

    “I have new shoes,” he thinks,
    “and now I will walk.”

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