Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Can You Deliver Today?

Underneath it all, we are all the UPS truck for someone. As we pick up the phone, ring a doorbell, or send off a card with a few kind words, someone is on the other end of our communication, waiting for that word – for the package of life-affirming connection to be delivered. The truck stops. We look out the window and know that this is a good day, because a brown van is parked on the side of the lawn that has a permanent dent in it from the snowplow. There is power in a word, a smile, or a touch on the shoulder. You never know how much of a difference in someone’s world you can make, until you choose to reach out and cut the ribbon.


“I am in your yard now. How are you? This is my life today. How is your world spinning?”

These are simple questions that can shorten the distance between my hand and yours. It can also shorten the dreaded length of a day by inspiring good will and a shared experience. An impromptu meeting of minds can also lengthen a moment, so that a single drop of rain can be the most fascinating, rewarding moment to stand in awe of as a witness. We are the captivated audience to our own lives. Why not let someone else take center stage, and see how good it feels.

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