Friday, July 20, 2007

A Must-See Documentary about Writers

Ken Browne Productions

This wonderfully insightful documentary features the famous NH writing workshop held every Monday in the summer at Skimmilk Farm. I recently ordered a copy, and I will treasure this film for years to come. It features former Poet Laureate of Portsmouth writers Marie Harris (Poet Laureate, 1999-2004) and Mimi White (Poet Laureate, 2005-2007), as well other very talented New England poets. Jean Pedrick herself, who founded the workshop, was a published poet. This group of talented writers shared their writing and their love of the artistic process at these meetings. Jean Pedrick passed away in 2006 and will be missed by all those who knew her or who were touched by her artistry as readers of her work. Her legacy of writing and mentorship will indeed live on.

Ken Browne does a very professional and touching portrait of these writers who engaged in meaningful discussions about their artform in order to evolve as artists of the written word. I was entranced by the energy that these writers shared and put forth, simply by discussing their drafts and reciting their words aloud to the group.

I think what I love most about the Skimmilk Workshops is that Jean Pedrick didn't charge any of the writers a tuition fee. All they had to bring was their writing and something homemade to share for lunch. What a wonderful exchange of sustenance ~ poetry and food. Of course, poetry IS food for the soul!

Mondays at Skimmilk aired on New Hampshire Public Television as part of National Poetry Month. To order a copy of this must-see documentary, please visit the website listed above for Ken Browne Productions. You will be rewarded with a rich viewing experience!

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