Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Red Drum: Selected and New Poems (2nd ed.) NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

The 2nd edition of my poetry collection, The Red Drum: Selected and New Poems, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

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Reviews of The Red Drum:

"The Red Drum is a heart-felt collection of poems written by a woman quite obviously in love with living.  Cristina Norcross sets out to celebrate the joy of living in the presence of authentic moments, and these poems are just one way, I imagine, that she succeeds in doing this.  As a reader, I go to poems in search of beautiful language, and light, and wisdom.  And I found quite a few gems in The Red Drum."

~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, author of: Befriending the Soul, Moonlight and Remembrance, What Holds Us, The Honey Sutras, Calling Forth the Riches, Conversing with the Holy, Good Mother Welcome and other titles. (

"The Red Drum by Cristina M. R. Norcross is a testimony to the transformative power of words.  Her masterful poems find joy and meaning in every day experiences through vivid language and imagery."                             
~ Michele Wehrwein Albion, author of The Florida Life of Thomas Edison, The Quotable Edison, The Quotable Henry Ford and The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt.
"Cristina Norcross’s THE RED DRUM is a joy to read. Like a camera captures precious moments, her poems capture the emotions of those moments. In simple yet elegant language, she writes of a love of words—words that she uses to create those special moments as well as the emotions surrounding them.”
~ Maureen Hand, author of Write the Snapshots of Life. (

“The Red Drum resonates with fine texture of delicate sounds and moments captured in time- woven with the intricate and delicate workmanship of a spider’s web that glistens with dew. Like an orb, her words reflect life and light under our glorious sun, moon and stars. 

Share time with Cristina and sip the magic of her amazing mindscapes that bring gentle enchantment through every captured moment.”

 ~ Brenda V Northeast, author /illustrator/artist of five children’s picture books. (

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