Monday, February 02, 2015

"One Hundred Percent" poem by Cristina M. R. Norcross / video remix by Othniel Smith

Several of my previously published poems are now available on The Poetry Storehouse site.  This is an innovative, online, collective movement, encouraging cross-pollination of the arts, so that poems, music and film can have a greater impact on our creative culture.   All genres of the arts are connected.  When we inspire one another, we bring our art forms to a higher level.   

I am honored that two of my poems have been chosen, so far, by filmmakers (Marie Craven / "The Red Drum" and Othniel Smith / "One Hundred Percent") to create short, video remixes.  The latest online creation is a film by Othniel Smith, available to view on Vimeo.  "One Hundred Percent" originally appeared in the print journal, Verse Wisconsin.

Please visit the VIMEO site to watch the video remix of "One Hundred Percent" by Othniel Smith.  Many thanks to Othniel for creating this moving, visual accompaniment to my poem.  Seeing the many different faces of society, allows us to understand, on an even deeper lever, that we are all ONE.  When we see ourselves in others, we connect with our shared humanity and develop compassion for all people. 

One Hundred Percent

You are more than a statistic.
You are blood and bone.
You are purpose and spear.
You are part of a symbiotic whole –
an organism
that moves together,
grows together,
strives together
and thrives together.

You are a person,
not a ruffled piece of paper.
There is no refuting
your truth,
your beauty,
your authentic walk to grace.
You are here

because we are all here –
reaching for
a book on the shelf,
a roast chicken on the table,
the prescription for an ailing heart.

You are part of the 100 percent.
We are not divided.

Cristina M. R. Norcross

Published in Verse Wisconsin October/2013

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