Sunday, December 16, 2007

Land & Sea Fordham University Bookstore Event

Land & Sea Event at Fordham/Lincoln Center - Saturday December 15, 2007

Event Diary Notes:

I had the great pleasure of being in Manhattan this past week-end for a book signing event for Land & Sea. The event was hosted by the very welcoming Barnes & Noble Bookstore on the Fordham University campus at Lincoln Center. It was a lovely event from 11-2 that included a poetry reading session, followed by an informal Q&A and book signing with myself as well as the artist, Irene Ruddock.

This was my last book event before the holidays, and it couldn't have been a more delightful day. I had family and friends from both NY and NJ who were able to come, so my poetry turned into a great excuse to give hugs and kisses to dear ones I had not seen for months, or in some cases - years!

Thank you to all who honored me with their presence and support. Land & Sea was a privilege to write and it is an even greater privilege, as well as a humbling experience, to see how many people continue to enjoy the images and words on the pages of this magical project.

You never know where you will journey to in this world, but in your imagination, you can sail to distant lands and always be assured of a safe landing on shore with loved ones in sight, who are on the same, beautiful adventure.


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