Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank You to The Harvard Coop!

Harvard Coop Poetry Reading and Book Signing Event / December 9, 2007

Book Event Diary Notes:

The Harvard Coop provided a festive setting for the poetry reading/book signing event for Land & Sea on December 9, 2007. The staff did a wonderful job with the display for Land & Sea, complete with a beautiful, big poster in the window and sample copies of the book. As I walked through the front doors, I was greeted by the sound of Christmas carolers on the 2nd floor. It was a magical atmosphere for all shoppers, students, folks sipping coffee in the café, and of course, me!

With podium, book lamp and microphone at the ready, I had everything I needed for a successful reading. As per usual, the first ten minutes required patience on my part as listeners began to arrive. By the time I got to my 5th poem, every seat was filled and a few people were standing. My fellow poetry/art lovers enjoyed viewing each painting, as I read the accompanying ekphrastic poems. I had some interesting questions from readers, causing me to reflect on the inspiration for Land & Sea and to do a bit of additional research on my new favorite genre of ekphrastic poetry (which I predict will be considered a groundbreaking artform in years to come!).

Ekphrasis (n.) comes from the Greek ek (= out) and phrasis (=speak). Ekphrasis literally means to "speak out", which I think is a fantastic description of this artform. As a writer, not only are you describing what you see visually and interpreting the meaning or narrative of a piece of art, but you are speaking out with your writing - giving the painting, photograph or sculpture a voice.

Enough of my poetry reading notes ...

I would like to extend a Big, Blog Thank You to the Harvard Coop and to my friend Michele Albion who brought along another reader to the event! Michele is a wonderful, historical writer who has a book coming out soon! Watch this space for publicity blogging. I am always eager to support my fellow writers.

Happy reading and writing out there. I may have a poetry reading and signing event for Land & Sea, or for one of my future books, in a town near you! Come on out and join the literary party!

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