Saturday, April 19, 2014

National Poetry Month Challenge - Day 19

Today's writing prompt was to choose a color, use it as the title, and create a poem based on that color.  For this poem, I return to Cristina, circa 1991 (living in Ottawa, Canada).


Red shoes,
ruby mind -
you were here.

My Oxblood Doc Martens
were always on my feet in college.
I'm surprised I didn't sleep in them.

Those bouncing soles took me
I would walk through Byward Market,
collecting delicacies of landjäger wurst 
and German chocolate. 

A flash of red could be seen,
as I escaped down the stairs
of the used bookstore.
I remember picking up a copy 
of Mary McCarthy's, The Group,
and losing myself in fiction.

I was red-infused -
wearing a pair of teardrop, Carnelian earrings
and a deep burgundy scarf.

With Oxblood feet,
my root chakra energy
walked with me -
rooted me to the ground,
centered my many facets,
leaving a trail of invisible footprints. 

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Copyright 2014

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