Tuesday, April 08, 2014

National Poetry Month Challenge - Day 4

Today's poem-a-day challenge was to write a "Since ______" poem.  Write the word Since, fill in the blank, and then use that as your title.  This one stretched my poet muscles a bit.  I had a title in mind, but I needed to make it fit.  Part of me felt like I was writing a Mad Libs poem, at least for the title, but it all worked out in the end, as they say. 

Since Your Blindness to Speaking Stars

The truth of you
comes in small doses.
The lavender moments of calm acceptance,
as well as the blue clarity
just above cloud cover
and human weakness.

We are frail.
We fall.
We trust too much.
We don’t trust enough.

This hand of yours that shakes
for human touch.
Your heart walks through
the noise of doubt –
finds solace
in the many, common beats.

We hold them close –
fear and longing.
The clutch of papers
to chest –
the blindness to speaking stars.

This is the truth of you.
You shout.
You weep.
You jump.
You stand still –
but most of the time,
you love.

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Copyright 2014

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